About Us

At Footsteps, we incorporate the principles and core beliefs of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which states...


(1) Children are capable of constructing their own learning

Children are encouraged to explore their interests. All learning is based on the child's curiosities. 

(2) Children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others  

Children collaborate with their peers in small groups on a daily basis and seek out knowledge through their own investigations, while having their thoughts and questions valued. 

(3) Children are communicators

Children are encouraged to use language to express feelings and thoughts, and to explore and investigate the world around them.

(4) The environment is viewed as a teacher

Our environment provides inspiration and is ever-evolving to meet the interests of the children. Our space provides children with appropriate materials and tools to further encourage exploration and potential. Our space is also preserved and respected by both the adults and children. 

(5) Adults are seen as mentors and guides

Our teachers observe each child's interest, listen to questions and stories, and provide opportunities for children to explore these further. 

As a learning community, we strive to acknowledge these beliefs on a daily basis.

Meet The FCC Team



Bridget works closely with our preschool learners - The Adventurers!

BA in Psychology



Mercy works closely with our toddler learners - The Explorers!

Currently obtaining a BA in Psychology, specializing in Child Development



Ana works closely with our toddler learners - The Explorers!

Currently obtaining a BA in Child Development



Wendy works with our infant learners - The Climbers!

BA in Psychology

Kristin Headshot.jpg


Kristin oversees the daily operations at Footsteps.

BA in Child Development

MA in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Child Studies